Milling robot applications for pipe milling and cutting

The robot is suitable for milling plastic and fiberglass pipes, as well as for cutting steel pipes. The robot can be placed in a sea container and easily transferred from a truck to the site where the robot is needed. With its rotation device it can cut for example curved pipes and other 3D-shapes. (video)

  • The pipe cutting path can be directly obtained from a CAD-drawing

  • “Nesting” can be done easily, or several pipes to be cut optimized in one pipeline

  • Can be equipped with highspeed milling spindle or with plasma/laser cutting head
  • A 6 m pipe can be brought for the robot with, for example, a forklift

  • Automatic lifting door lowers down and protects the operator while robot is working

  • Robot can be easily transferred to where it is needed

  • Solution works perfectly for glass fibre and plywood milling

  • Dust / smoke extraction hood available for container roof or suction table (suction down as shown)

  • All the programming is done offline

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